A few months ago SoundCloud rolled out their free “mastering” abilities in partnership with LANDR. But how does this digital service chalk up to industry standards? Take a read to this ConsequenceofSound.net article and then head on over to LANDR. You be the judge. – Adam Zizzo | Audio Specialist

SoundCloud is Now Offering Users Free Digital Mastering
Ben Kaye
May 25th, 2016

For years, musicians have been able to upload their tracks to SoundCloud and share them with the world. But unless you have access to studio-quality equipment, your track is probably not going to sound as good as the professionals. That’s why SoundCloud has announced a new partnership with LANDR, a cloud-based audio mastering software platform.

The new deal allows SoundCloud members to access a free “Optimized for SoundCloud” mastering format from LANDR, which “will master and enhance the quality of songs streaming on the platform.” Users will be able to upload a song directly to a LANDR library and share it straight to their SoundCloud account while simultaneously mastering it. Tracks already mastered in the LANDR library can also be exported straight to the streaming platform.

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