Blue Moth Creative is excited to announce the release of Matt Thomson’s latest musical project, Smokey Olive. The album, which is now available on Band Camp for a meager token of support ($4.00 CAN), is a journalistic Moroccan memoir of Matt’s year abroad living in Casablanca.

The work is a blend of instrumental, dust-driven recollections paired with story telling ballads delivered in church-husk vocals (track Sand Wood & Stone as a perfect example). It immediately asks for your ears and leaves you glad that you complied. Matt has blended his folksy psychedelia sound with the Arabesque ambience of the cultural melting pot that is Morocco.

Long time friend and associate of Matt, Blue Moth Creative’s Adam Zizzoassisted with the final production by taking the unpolished self recording and removing unwanted noise. Due to the fact that the album was recorded almost completely in a floor to ceiling tiled bathroom, this step was a hands on and in-depth process. Ultimately he was able to minimize the undesirable effects of the recording space, while letting the energy and feel of Matt’s unique personal recording technique shine through.

Don’t miss out on this one – grab copy and dig in.