Blue Moth Creative is an artistic multimedia communications organization that produces four pillars of service: web, audio, video and photography.

The web pillar offers clean simplicity and natural user interfacing – Blue Moth believes in building websites that offer concise navigation, eye pleasing visuals and immersive experiences. Whether you are interested in web security, hosting, responsive layouts, applications, content management systems, custom script creation or WordPress webpages their skilled team of developers, designers and programmers have the experience to bring your digital needs to life.

The audio pillar provides a wide range of audio services including recording and editing, restoration, corporate and media event services, and online media management for both corporate clients and artists.

The video pillar offers videography and editing services that range from on-location highlight reels to full commercial in-studio multi-camera recording and lighting. Their skilled team of editors and videographers provide top quality video for use on a multitude of platforms including television broadcasts and HD web video.

The photo pillar captures life’s moments in all their beautiful detail. Blue Moth prides itself on creating breathtaking visuals that intricately portray people, places, events and landscapes existing in both serene as well as vibrantly explosive environments.