Breathtaking Visuals

Blue Moth Creative’s photo division captures life’s moments in all their beautiful detail. We pride ourselves on breathtaking visuals that intricately portray people, places, events and landscapes existing in both serene as well as vibrantly explosive environments.

Lead photographer Nick Lachance heads the team of the talented Blue Moth camera crew. He has worked both locally and internationally to capture images of people and places as diverse as Stephen Hawking and the no man’s lands of World War One.

Photo Portfolio

A selection of noteworthy projects.

The Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame

Portfolio Post

The Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame is located at Camões Square, at the corner of College and Crawford in Toronto. Positioned in the heart of a vibrant community of people of all backgrounds, it is intended to honour those of a Portuguese heritage…

Golden Voice English

Portfolio Post

Golden Voice English Online Education Inc. (GVEOE) is a North American company that has created an engaging and interactive e-Learning platform to teach English to students in China from grades one through nine. GVEOE’s unique platform acts as a…

The Peach Gallery

Portfolio Post

The Peach Gallery was founded in November 2012 by a group of local art dealers and collectors, including the legendary Walter Moos. The gallery’s mission is to present the public with a unique and lively mix of local and international artists from…

Richard Branson | RE*Generation

Portfolio Post

Blue Moth Creative had the opportunity to photograph Richard Branson when he popped into our offices at The Peach Gallery before heading down to speak on the RE*Generation panel in the MOD Club. “The RE*Generation movement movement aims to empower a…

Silvio Mastrodascio | Angels & Dreams

Portfolio Post

Blue Moth Creative had the pleasure of photographing Silvio Mastrodascio’s bronze sculpture exhibit “Angels & Dreams” at The Peach Gallery. “Mastrodascio astonishes once again when he presents a more a la page aspect of shrewd modernity. In these…