Here’s a great article that I found by Evan LePage at Hootsuite for anyone who has ever considered buying Instagram likes, featuring bot tools Instagress and Instamacro. Maybe think twice? – Jacob Reeleder

I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To)
Evan LePage
October 11th, 2017

Type “How to get more Instagram followers” into Google search and you’ll find a lot of media and blogs, including our own, offering tips and tricks for how to grow your community. You’ll also probably find a lot of content about paying for new followers.

Most people see these as the only two options for succeeding at Instagram: figure it out, or shell out. The first one is for the ‘good guys,’ and the second is for spammers, or at least that’s how it’s generally perceived. In truth, there’s a third option: Instagram automation.

More and more people are turning to automation tools, or bots, in order to boost their Instagram followings. These bots work in several ways. They can Like photos on your behalf; they can follow people on your behalf; they can even comment on your behalf. These actions can be targeted based on specific hashtags or even specific users.

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