Terry Watkinson

Terry Watkinson (born 1940 in what is now Thunder Bay, Ontario) is an artist, painter, illustrator, and musician. Blue Moth Creative began working with Terry to to create a website that visually highlighted his paintings and work in a clean, bright and straightforward web showcase.

After spending his youth in Thunder Bay and Iroquois Falls Ontario, Watkinson attended the University of Toronto for two years in the field of architecture, until he left to participate in the band Max Webster. Upon the dissolution of the band, he returned to the university to study medical illustration. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, he taught the subject at the University of Toronto. Terry gained national prominence as a keyboardist for rock group Max Webster during the 1970s and early 1980s. He is also active as a painter of other subjects and in 1993 he painted the third and most popular of Klaatu’s Greatest Hits, Peaks.

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